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How to Keep Safe During a Power Outage.

They may not be our favourite topics, but they do need to be discussed: security and power outages.

Power Outage Security

Here are some top tips to keep you safe and sound when the power goes down:

  • If you have an alarm system (and you should!) check regularly that the battery is in good working order. Depending on the system, the battery should be able to keep the system running for 6 to 12 hours. You may even want to have a spare battery if you often experience longer black-outs.
  • Test your alarm regularly. When the electricity supply is restored, there can be power surges that could damage the system as well as other appliances. Check that you security company is prepared for power outages. South African Intruder Detection Services Association (SAIDSA) has a strict set of regulations that relate to power outages with which member companies must comply.
  • Always have both a telephone and radio communication set up for your alarm so that signals are always sent to the control room. Some telephone systems do not work when there is no power e.g. portable phones.
  • Keep all doors and windows locked in case your alarm system does fail.
  • Have solar lights or other off-grid lighting both inside and outside. Ensure these are all charged and in working order. Thieves hate light!
  • Ensure you know where the keys are for any electronic doors or gates. Even if they are linked to a back-up battery, this can still fail and you need to be able to get in and out.
  • Test your driveway gate battery – especially if you have not replaced it recently. You don’t want to end up locked out or with a gate left open during power outages.
  • Keep your cell phone battery sufficiently charged. Consider having a landline so that you can contact your security company and vice versa if needs be. Learn security numbers by heart or have them written down somewhere in case your cell phone is not working.

  • Follow these tips and ensure you are secure in your home – especially during vulnerable times such as power outages.

    Installing a New Garage Door Motor – Fourways

    Do you need a new garage door motor in the Fourways area? Mr Garage specializes in garage door motors – whether you need a repair or are installing a new garage door motor.

    Recently, our client, who lives in Rhinestone street, Fourways, phoned us with a broken garage door motor. He reported the following:
    1. Firstly, that he had an old garage door motor
    2. Secondly, that the garage door motor was broken
    3. In particular, the garage door motor’s shaft was broken
    4. Furthermore, his garage door motor was making a terrible noise when he pressed the remote
    He had an old Digidoor II garage door opener where the worm or drive shaft had broken out of the back of the motor. When the worm broke, it also damaged the carriage mechanism. Because he has an old 220V motor we recommended a new 24V DC Centurion X-trac motor with battery backup. With a 1 year guarantee and super silent operation we had a happy client in no time. As part of installing a new garage door motor, we service the garage door. Your garage door must be in good working order in order for your motor to function optimally. Do you need to have your old remotes working with your new garage motor? No problem, we will move your old receiver or install a compatible receiver for you.
    installing a new garage door motor

    Installing a new Garage door motor for another Fourways’ client…

    Another client that stays in the Castellano Estate in Cedar road West in Fourways had a broken garage door motor. She had a Digi24 garage door motor. The Digi24 garage door motors are no longer supported by Digidoor. Therefore there are no longer parts available to repair them. These motors used to be very fast, and this can be a problem. A very fast motor can easily break the garage door brackets or hinges if a problem occurs while it is moving so fast. We installed a New Centurion X-trac garage door motor for her. Don’t let a broken garage door motor be an inconvenience for you. Contact Mr Garage now for a quote on a new garage door motor and installation. We are usually able to install a new garage door motor for you the same day or within a day of receiving the deposit.

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    New garage door motors – Randburg

    As in all of the areas that we cover, we have countless examples of garage door motor repairs and new installations that we can share with you. Here is an outline of some of the jobs we have had where we have needed to install new garage door motors in Randburg.

    New Garage Door Motors – Fairland

    Our client in Johannes street in Fairland in Randburg had a broken Digidoor II motor. It is possible to have this motor repaired, but it does take 3 to 10 working days and is dependent on the manufacturer. However, the client wanted a working garage door motor immediately. So, we firstly serviced the garage door and set the spring tension; and then installed a new Centurion X-trac motor for her. See the image below for the Broken Digidoor II motor. Contact Mr Garage for all you New garage door motor requirement. We usually install New Centution X-trac or SD04 motors as they are the best quality motors and have the best support in the South African market.

    Broken Digidoor II motor
    Broken Digidoor II motor

    New Garage Door Motors – North Riding

    Our client in North Riding, Randburg had a old and broken Pro-Alpha garage door motor. Parts for the Pro-Alpha motors are not available anymore. Furthermore, all the new generation motors use 24V DC motors, so, by switching to one of the new motors, the main advantage is you have battery backup and can open your door during load shedding and power outages. We replaced the client’s old motor with a new X-Trac garage door motor from Centurion.
    Old Pro-Alfa Garage Door Motor

    New Garage Door Motors – Northcliff

    A client residing in Northcliff, Randburg phoned us with a broken garage spring and a broken garage door motor. They had an old digidoor III motor. After the spring had broken, the chain link mechanism for the motor also broke. It is possible to repair the old Digidoor chain link mechanism, but on the old version of the motor it will keep breaking and you have to get a new gearbox and pc-board. This makes repairs not worth it and it is better to install a new garage door motor. Our preference is to install only Centurion garage door motors, because they have the best quality and support available. We weighed the garage door and installed the correct springs for a 140kg wooden garage door of standard height. Once the correct springs are installed and the door is working properly, we could then replace the old motor with a new Centurion X-Trac motor.
    New Garage Door Motors

    New Garage Door Motors – Honeydew

    Our client in Honeydew, Randburg had a broken garage door motor. It was on old Gemini 220V Garage door motor. However, these motors are un-supported and cannot be repaired. As a result, we serviced the client’s double steel sectional door and installed a new Centurion X-trac motor for him.

    New Garage Door Motors – Linden

    In Linden, Randburg we received a call from a client that requested a new garage door motor. Their garage door was not automated, so they where opening and closing the garage door by hand. So, we quoted the client on a new Centurion X-Trac garage door motor. They accepted the quote and therefore we installed the motor for them.   Read some important pointers for new garage door motor installations.