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Installing a New Garage Door Motor – Fourways

Do you need a new garage door motor in the Fourways area? Mr Garage specializes in garage door motors – whether you need a repair or are installing a new garage door motor.

Recently, our client, who lives in Rhinestone street, Fourways, phoned us with a broken garage door motor. He reported the following:
  1. Firstly, that he had an old garage door motor
  2. Secondly, that the garage door motor was broken
  3. In particular, the garage door motor’s shaft was broken
  4. Furthermore, his garage door motor was making a terrible noise when he pressed the remote
He had an old Digidoor II garage door opener where the worm or drive shaft had broken out of the back of the motor. When the worm broke, it also damaged the carriage mechanism. Because he has an old 220V motor we recommended a new 24V DC Centurion X-trac motor with battery backup. With a 1 year guarantee and super silent operation we had a happy client in no time. As part of installing a new garage door motor, we service the garage door. Your garage door must be in good working order in order for your motor to function optimally. Do you need to have your old remotes working with your new garage motor? No problem, we will move your old receiver or install a compatible receiver for you.
installing a new garage door motor

Installing a new Garage door motor for another Fourways’ client…

Another client that stays in the Castellano Estate in Cedar road West in Fourways had a broken garage door motor. She had a Digi24 garage door motor. The Digi24 garage door motors are no longer supported by Digidoor. Therefore there are no longer parts available to repair them. These motors used to be very fast, and this can be a problem. A very fast motor can easily break the garage door brackets or hinges if a problem occurs while it is moving so fast. We installed a New Centurion X-trac garage door motor for her. Don’t let a broken garage door motor be an inconvenience for you. Contact Mr Garage now for a quote on a new garage door motor and installation. We are usually able to install a new garage door motor for you the same day or within a day of receiving the deposit.

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New Garage Door Motor Installed – Sandton

Do you need a new garage door motor installed in Sandton? Please contact Mr Garage to install a new garage door motor for you in Sandton. We specialize in garage door automation, garage door repairs and garage door installations.

Our client in Melrose road in Sandton recently called us and reported the following:
  1. My garage door motor is broken
  2. It was making a funny sound before it broke
  3. My garage door motor does not want to work at the moment
She had a Pro-Alpha garage door motor. There is basically no support for these motors at the moment. They are old 220V motors and we strongly recommend that you install a new Centurion garage door motor. We did the following tests
  • We first checked if there is power at the motor (220V in this case). In some cases the plug or db board tripped and, because of this, the motor stopped working.
  • Then we check if there is 12V or 24V present at the receiver. Sometimes a fuse has broken and the receiver cannot trigger the motor.
  • So, can you trigger the motor manually? In this case we could not trigger the motor.
  • Finally, we check the carriage and drive or chain mechanism. The carriage was stripped so it would not be able to lift the door any more.
We installed a new Centurion X-trac motor and had a happy client in no time.
new garage door motor installed

Another garage door motor installed in Sandton…

In another case, we did a lot of work for a client in the Sandton Country Club Estate. The garage door broke and, in the process, the pine jams got damaged and needed to be replaced. A couple of months before this happened, one of his garage door springs broke and another company installed new springs for him. The problem, however, was that this other company did not weigh the door and installed incorrect springs. The door never worked properly. This damages the motor. We weighed the door and installed the correct springs. After the door was working properly we installed a new Centurion SD04 garage door motor.

And a third garage door motor installed in Sandton…

In yet another case, a client in Coleraine Dr in Riverclub, Sandton, had a broken garage door motor. The type of motor was an old imported 220V motor with no local support. Mr Garage only installs well-supported local brands of garage door motors. Our preference is the Centurion X-trac and SD04 motors. We replaced the motor and, once more, have a happy client.
Centurion SDO4 garage door motor
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Garage Door Repairs Fourways, Sandton – Campbell street

Recently we had a client phone us for garage door repairs Fourways, Sandton – Campbell street. There were some broken garage door hinges.
garage door repairs fourways broken hinge
We found a couple of problems with the door. The client has a custom size door, so it is wider than a normal double door.
  1. A couple of months ago one of his springs broke. And a different company replaced his springs
  2. They replaced only one spring
  3. This company also replaced the broken spring with a spring that is manufactured for caravan-size doors. The client does not have a caravan size door
  4. A couple of hinges where broken
  5. The door is heavy, the motor is taking strain and it does not move properly

Garage Door Repairs Fourways – Solutions

When your garage door spring breaks, you have to replace both springs. If you only replace one spring, you are leaving your door with one old spring that will break soon and that wont have the same lifting power as a new spring. We always weigh and measure the door so that we can fit the correct springs. Springs are made for a particular door height and weight. Such as 70kg or 80kg for a 2.1 meter door etc. If you install the wrong springs, the door will not operate properly. Either, the closed door will be too heavy and therefore pulling down when you are opening it. Or it will be pulling up too much and closing it will be difficult. It is very important to install the correct springs and tension them properly. In this case, the hinges broke because the springs were incorrect and were causing the motor to apply lots of pressure on the door while it was pushing it closed. We replaced the hinges because, if you have broken hinges the panels don’t align properly and will cause more hinges to break. With too much stress on the panels they can also start to break. We do not advise replacing broken panels. You would need to replace the entire door which is an expensive exercise. If the incorrect springs are installed it can also put strain on your garage door motor and it will also break. It is very important to always have a mechanically sound garage door. You need to look after all aspects of your garage door. Including the springs, bearings, hinges, and the garage door motor.

Broken Garage Door in Riverside Road, Fourways

Our client in Beverly Estate, Fourways, called complaining about a broken garage door. Our process is always to capture the client’s details on our online system. This enables us to manage our job-list carefully so that we can attend to client’s problems as fast as possible. Please do not operate your garage door motor when you suspect that your garage door or garage door motor has broken. Every time you operate your garage door motor with a broken garage door, you can cause more damage to both the door and the garage door motor. In addition, it could be dangerous.
broken garage door

Broken Garage Door Assessment

As part of our garage door assessment we always follow a set process:
  1. Firstly, we take the spring tension down completely – In this way we can get an accurate measurement of the weight of the door
  2. Then we weigh the door
  3. Next we measure the door height (We need both the weight and height of the door to determine what size the springs should be.)
  4. We inspect the torsion pipe, bearing brackets, hinges and rollers
  5. Finally, we create a quote to repair the broken garage door.
We found that the springs needed replacement, but also the torsion pipe and bearing brackets. If you have an older door it is advisable that you change the bearing brackets. There are 3 bearing brackets that hold the torsion pipe and springs in place. If the pipe can’t turn properly, the door will not move correctly and more pressure will be put on the door and springs. You may find that your springs will have to be replaced much quicker if you use the old components. We replaced the springs, torsion pipe and bearing brackets for our client. Now his door is working well and will continue to do so for a long time.


Garage Door Spring Repair Fourways

This was another job for garage door spring repair Fourways. Our client is in the Fernbrook estate in Bushwillow Road, Fourways, and was experience a problem with their garage door. One of our teams went out and saw that a garage door spring had snapped and needed replacement.  
garage door spring repair Fourways
  It is important to stop using the door immediately when a spring breaks. It can be very dangerous as the garage door could break further and fall on someone or something. Furthermore, every time you try and operate your garage door motor when your garage door has a broken spring, you increase the risk of breaking your garage door motor.

Garage Door Spring Repair Fourways – Assessment

We arrived at the client’s property and assessed the door. As part of our garage door assessment – particularly in the case of broken springs – we do the following:
  1. First of all, we take down the spring tension completely
  2. Then we weigh the door
  3. We also measure the door height. This is because the size of springs required depends on the weight of the door as well as its height.
  4. We look at the Torsion Pipe, bearing brackets, hinges and rollers – as well as the general condition of the door.
  5. Finally, we create a quote based on the components that need replacing.

Garage Door Spring Repair Process

Remember that with garage door parts such as springs and cables, it is important to replace both sets at the same time and not just one of the pair. This keeps the garage door operating smoothly and evenly. If you replace only one spring or one cable, the other spring or cable will most likely soon break and need replacing too. You will also put strain on your garage door and garage door opener. When garage doors are repaired and their springs are replaced, the spring tension is set so that the door moves well and is also adjusted for the current installed motor. Sometimes the motors are old and the door weight needs to be adjusted so that the motor can both open and close the door. Please note that after about 8 weeks the spring tension can be checked again. This is a simple process. You put your garage door motor on manual and open the door manually. Is the door relatively easy to lift. If you are strugling to lift the door, the motor will struggle to lift the door and can potentially break. If your door is too heavy, please give us a call so we can adjust your spring tension for you. This was another example of our garage door spring repair Fourways services. Read more about the sectional garage repair services that we offer.