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Garage Door Motor Repair Linden, Randburg – 9th Street

We recently had a client for a garage door motor repair Linden, Randburg – 9th Street. Previously we had done a lot of work on their garage door hardware and also on their garage door motor. We replaced their garage door opener batteries a couple of months ago. However, recently there was a power outage, and, after a couple of hours, the motor stopped working. The first step in understanding the problem is to understand where the problem is occurring. When we arrived at the client we unplugged the garage door motor. Next we started testing the motor using only the battery backup. The motor opened the door many times without a problem. So it is clear that the motor and battery back-up were fine. But that something was discharging the batteries during the power outage.

There is an external receiver connected to the motor. This is the piece of equipment that communicates with the remotes and then causes the motor to either open or close the garage door. A garage door motor also has a PC board. What you have to keep in mind is that both the external receiver and the pc-board of the motor consume a little bit of current continuously. This means that, even if you are not opening and closing the garage door and the motor is not operating, the pc-board and the receiver will continue to draw current from the battery. The batteries used for this particular motor are 2 x 12V 1.3 A/h. Please note that if a lead acid battery is rated as 1.3 A/h that you will probably only get about 75% of that rated value over an hour. (In other words, only 0.975 amps per hour). So, if the pc board and external receiver together consume about 300 mA continuously, the batteries will last between 3 and 4 hours. This is exactly the amount of time that passed before the client tried to operate the motor and found that it would not open the garage door.
1.3Ah-Battery- garage door motor repair linden

Garage Door Motor Repair Linden Solution

The solution for this type of problem will depend on a couple of factors. How much time does the client expect the motor be able to last during a power outage? What budget does the client have? 1) It is possible to install 2 x 12V 7.2 A/h batteries. This should give you roughly 5 to 6 times the time as the 1.3 A/h batteries. 2) A different external receiver can be installed that consumes less power 3) Solar power solutions or generators / inverters are other options (these are usually quite pricey though)
12V 7.2 Ah Battery - garage door motor repair linden
12V 7.2 Ah Battery