Centurion RDO II Garage Door Motor for Roll-up Doors

The Centurion RDO II garage door opener is a great motor to install for your roll-up garage door. As usual, there are a couple of options for automating roll-up doors. The one that we recommend is the Centurion RDO II. We install the motor on either the left or the right hand side of the door. This will depend on available space and cabling. The shaft of the garage door goes through the RDO motor and the motor fits through one of the wheels of the garage door.
Centurion RDO II

Roll-up garage door

A roll-up door consists of a single piece of steel. The doors rolls up into a cylinder. It is important that your door is in a good mechanical condition before considering automating it. If your door is older than 10 years you should consider installing a new door before  automating it with an RDO. A roll-up garage door is sometimes also known as a roll-a-door or roller door.
Roll-up door or roll-a-door installed by Mr Gate Mr Garage
Roll-up door or roll-a-door installed by Mr Gate Mr Garage

Basic Features of the Centurion RDO II Garage Door Motor

The Centurion RDO is a 24V DC motor. So during power outages you have battery backup. The motor is strong and can easily lift any single roll-up door. Please note that old doors need to be serviced before installing this motor. A door that is not working optimally will damage the motor. Whisper-quiet operation means this motor makes very little noise during operation. It has anti-crushing technology to detect if something is obstructing the door during operation. Plus, you can also fit Infrared Safety Beams and use the auto-close feature to automatically close the door after 30 seconds of passing the beams. Furthermore, it has a wall mounter controller with a courtesy light. We can programme the on-board code-hopping receiver to:
  • Open/close garage door.
  • Switch Courtesy Light on and off.
  • Override automatic closing.
  • Electronically lock the system for added security.

Installing the RDO

Correct installation of the Centurion RDO II motor, together with a mechanically sound garage door, will give you many years of great service from the motor. However, there are a couple of things we regularly see that should not be done by the installer.
  1. The installer should not install the RDO on a wheel that is not compatible by using a hack saw to modify the wheel so that the motor fits. This creates a weakness in the wheel, and very often the wheel breaks and can cause both the motor and the door to break.
  2. If needed, we can install a wheel adapter or a compatible wheel. The fork of the motor should fit over one of the webs of the garage door wheel.
  3. The door needs to be serviced so that it is in a good working condition before the motor gets installed. Many garage door motor installers can only install the motor, but do not have a lot of knowledge regarding garage door mechanics and working. We often find that a motor is installed incorrectly and that the door is not working properly.

Using your RDO

Using your Centurion RDO II is very simple. You simply press the button for the required function on the remote and it should work by either opening your door or switching on a light etc. There are however times when either the motor or the garage door experiences a problem and you need to understand how to get the motor in manual mode or disengaged. To do this, you will notice a red cord on the side of the motor. You need to pull gently down on the cord until it clicks. If you look at the motor, there is a lever that is pulled down to engage and disengage the motor. This is lever is spring loaded. Always make sure that the cord is hanging on the side of the door and motor so that is does not get broken when you open and close the door.

Fault finding and problem solving

When you experience a power failure or load shedding, your motor has battery backup and should be able to open the door about 10 to 15 times. Please note if you have external receivers or beams connected to the motor that it will consume battery power and after a couple of hours you may find that your door does not open. So, if you know the power outage is going to be a couple of hours, then put your door on manual so that you can easily open your automated garage door. Please contact us if the following happens:
  1. My door opens but does not want to close
  2. My door closes but does not want to open
  3. Nothing happens when I press the button
  4. Someone drove into the door and it does not want to work now

Centurion RDO II technical data:

Input Voltage220 – 240V +/- 10%, 50Hz [*]
Motor Voltage24V DC
Motor Power SupplyBattery-driven [**] – 200mA Charger – Peak
Opener Lifting Force30kgf
Door Travel Speed100 – 150mm/sec
Duty Cycle – Mains Present [***]20% [****]
Daily Operations – Max20
Maximum Door Size6m² – (max width 2.8m)
Onboard Receiver SpecificationCENTURION code-hopping, 433MHz, capacity – 36 transmitter buttons [*****]