You should schedule garage door servicing for every 8 to 12 months. In the interim, if your garage is not working optimally, it needs to be assessed for garage door repair.   A garage door and its  hardware need regular servicing in order to assist with:
  • Maintaining good functioning
  • Preventing damage that may result because of neglect
  • And, furthermore, achieving a lengthy life of door
Garage Door Servicing

Checking for Garage Door Servicing Requirements

It is very simple to check if your door needs a service (especially spring tensioning). 1) Firstly close your garage door 2) Then disengage your garage door motor so that your door opens manually. 3) Finally, gently open your door   Does your door feel heavy? Does your door stay open if you let it go or is it falling closed? If your door is too heavy or falling rapidly to the closed position,it is a good indication that your door needs to be serviced.   Other things to look at : 1) Are your cables fraying? 2) Are the screws that are connecting the hinges to the door nicely in place or are they coming out? 3) Is the garage door operating smoothly and easily? 4) Is any of the hardware worn down (e.g. pulley wheels, cables, cable drums, rollers etc.)?  

What does a garage door service include?

  1) Spring tension 2) Lubrication of hinges and springs (this reduces the rate of corrosion of the metal and thus increases the life of the springs) 3) Tightening any screws if necessary 4) Checking that hinges are not broken 5) Checking the condition of pulley wheels, cables, cable drums, rollers and other garage door hardware. (Any parts that are worn down or in a poor condition should be replaced. ) 6) Overall assessment of the door and its functioning.   Your garage door must be working optimally before the garage motor can be checked. If a garage door is not in good condition, it can put strain on the garage door opener. Because of this, the motor could be damaged. The door must be in good working order before you consider garage door automation. It is important to have your garage door servicing undertaken by a trained technician. This is because the springs and cables could snap and cause injury or damage. Remember to schedule a garage door service on a regular basis i.e. every 8 to 12 months. As a Mr Gate Mr Garage client, we will notify you when it is 8 months since we last worked on your garage door and remind you to arrange a service.