As with any mechanical piece of equipment, garage door motors do not last for ever. But, when should you get a new garage door motor?
New garage door motor
If you have one or more of the following problems you may need a new garage door motor.
  • My garage door opens but it does not want to close
  • My garage door gets stuck in the middle
  • I can open my garage door but my motor is dead
  • My garage door does not close or open all the way
  • The motor does nothing, it doesn’t sound as if it is running
  • My garage door motor makes a terrible sound
  • I want a garage door motor that can open my door during a power outage or load shedding
  • I want a new garage door motor
  • My garage door motor is broken
  • My garage door is broken
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Should I repair or replace my Garage Door Opener?

How old is your current garage door motor? Is it older than 7 years? Most motors have a 10 year lifespan. It is possible that the motor can last longer or be repaired, but you easily end up spending a lot of money on garage door motor repairs with very short guarantee periods and no guarantee on parts that have not been repaired. Does your current garage door motor have battery backup or is it one of the older 220 volt motors? The main question here is whether you can open your garage door during a power outage? If you can’t, then a new motor will have that feature which will bring you added convenience as well as safety and security. You can repair most of the local garage door motors. If it is a pc board, or other smaller problems, it is worth it to repair. The manufacturer can undertake any mechanical repairs, but this can take many days or weeks. During this time you will be without a garage door motor. Because you have an old motor, other parts of it may break and soon you wish you had installed a new garage door motor in the first place.

How to Choose an Installer for your New Garage Door Motor

Many installers only install garage door motors but don’t actually service and repair garage doors at all. If your garage door is broken or needs a service and you install a new motor you risk breaking or damaging your brand new motor. Is a spring or hinge broken? How old is your garage door? When did you last have a garage door service? Have you ever replaced the bearing brackets? Because old bearing brackets will put extra strain on both the garage door motor and your garage door springs. A simple test is to disengage your garage door motor or put it in manual mode and to gently open your door. Is your door heavy and difficult to lift? Motors can typically lift about 40kg to 50kg. If you are struggling to lift your door then the motor will struggle. This can easily damage the motor. Does your door stay in the open position? Or does it fall down? If it is not staying in the open position and falls down easily and hard it can also damage your garage door motor.

What is the best Garage Door Motor to Install?

When considering which make or model of garage door motor to install, there are various aspects that one needs to consider:
  • For us,  the number one aspect is great support provided by the manufacturer for the motor.
  • Secondly, availability of parts
  • Thirdly, quick repair times
  • Then, great quality motor
  • And finally, the motor features
In all these departments there is only one choice, and it is Centurion garage door motors. The Centurion X-Trac and also the new “SD04 s” garage door motor are great. The Centurion RDO motor for roll-up doors is also the best option. We offer a 1 year guarantee on any new garage door motor installation. In addition, Centurion offers a 2 year guarantee on any new garage door motor. Naturally this does not cover lightning or damage caused physically to the motors by the user or accidents.

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