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Garage door automation is not only convenient, but also increases your levels of safety and security.

Why have a garage door that needs to be opened manually when you can quickly and easily switch to the convenience and safety of automated garage doors?

Your garage door automation includes:

  • servicing of the garage door
  • the garage door opener (with battery back-up)
  • batteries
  • installation
  • garage door opener remotes
  • programming of remotes

We can also supply you with extra remotes if you require.

These are some the most common types of electric garage doors:

  • Roll-up or roller garage doors
  • Sectional garage doors
  • Tip-up garage doors
  • Wooden garage doors
  • Steel / Aluminium garage doors
Garage Door Automation

Requirements for Garage door Motor Installations

For the garage door opener installation you need to have power available close by as well as enough overhead room to hang the motor. It is very important that the garage door is in good working order. This means that; firstly you should be able to open and close it using only one hand; secondly, the spring tension is correct; thirdly, the door runs smoothly and finally, all parts are secure and in a good condition. Any parts that are worn down or badly rusted must be replaced. Most problems experienced with garage door operation are because of the door itself rather than the automatic garage opener. It is important to remember that installing a garage door opener does not correct problems with the door.

Great service + your safety and convenience is most important to us!

We understand how important it is for you to have a perfectly working garage door opener. On the one side it is the convenience of giving you easy and effortless access to your property. But most importantly it impacts your safety and security.

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Tired of waiting for most companies to answer their phone, email or sms-es or just to get back to you? Well at Mr Garage we pay a lot of attention to you, our most valued client. We carefully manage each client and their needs, and make sure we communicate and follow up regularly.

Not having an automatic garage door means you don’t have the joy of fast, safe and easy access to your property. Mr Garage knows how valuable your time is, and how important it is to provide your garage door automation.

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More about our Garage Door Automation Services

Battery Back-up

We install garage door motors that also have a back-up battery so that you will still have a working automatic garage door, even when there is a power outage. An electric garage door ensures both your security and your comfort.

The battery back-up feature that the new openers have enables the garage door motor to operate even when there is no power. The battery back-up is designed to cater for a set number of opening and closing cycles e.g. 10. The actual number of operations will depend on the weight of the door and the battery reserve. During lengthy power outages the battery will run down and may need to be replaced.


When you do the garage door motor installation, what does the garage door service include?

If the door is not functioning properly and is not in good condition it will affect the electric garage opener. As a result the motor could not last as long as expected.

We check all parts of the garage door – hinges, pulleys, cables, springs, rollers etc – making any adjustments or lubricating as necessary. As part of the garage door service, our technicians will also check and correct the spring tension. They will recommend any repairs if necessary.


We install the following makes of electric garage door motors:

Why do you not install other garage door opener brands?

Other brands of garage door motors are generally not well supported. In other words, it is difficult (and sometimes not possible) to get parts and service for these motors. Our suppliers generally don’t stock other brands for this very reason. Sometimes the lack of support is because they are no longer made or imported. It is simply not cost effective for our clients if we spend the time and money necessary sourcing parts for these motors. Often they have been installed as cheap alternatives to the better, more pricey, brands and only end up costing the owner more down the line when they start to break. Generally we recommend that we replace these motors with new, good-quality products.

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Garage Door Automation – Recommended Motors

We recommend Centurion products as the best garage door openers. The Centurion Xtrac, RDO and SDO4 are fully installed for R4500 – including a free garage door service.

Why do we service your door?

Your garage door must be in good working order otherwise it will damage your brand new motor?

Here are some details on their main garage door openers.

The Centurion XTrac is for sectional or tip-up automated garage doors. The Centurion RDO is for roller doors:

Centurion XTrac automated garage door motor

Garage door automation: Centurion XTrac Garage Door Motor

The Centurion XTrac is one of most popular and recommended garage door automation systems. It has excellent features for an automatic garage opener.

Some of this automatic garage door motor’s mechanical features include:

  • Battery backup (with dual power – always on)
  • Revolutionary design providing whisper-quiet garage door motor operation
  • Adaptive anti-crushing protection for greater safety. If the garage door opener detects and obstruction when closing the door, it will stop closing and open immediately.
  • Strong and reliable 24V geared DC motor for top electric garage door functioning.
  • Manual override can disengage and re-engage in any position.

Electronic features of this Centurion Garage Door Motor include:

  • Adjustable speed control
  • Wireless wall switch which can active four features such as:Open and close garage door; switch the courtesy light on and off; electronically lock the system for greater security; override the autoclose facility.
  • Holiday Lockout Mode. With this you can electronically lock your garage door at the press of a button. No other remotes can open it.
  • Autoclose – you can set your garage door to close automatically should you forget and leave it open.
  • The Centurion code-hopping remotes use the same top-of-the-range technology as that in vehicle security systems. We can programme the remotes so that they can control not only your garage door opener, but also your automatic gate motors, house alarm, the garage door motor light etc.
  • There are flexible power supply capabilities. Because of this low voltages or power surges have little or no effect on the motor.
  • With the Centurion XTrac you can also use solar power to run your garage door automation.

The Centurion XTrac kit for your garage door automation includes:

  • All parts for the motor and its installation
  • 2 batteries
  • Remotes
  • Wireless wall switch


Centurion RDO automated garage door motor

Garage door automation: Centurion RDO (roller door opener)

We also recommend the Centurion RDO electric garage door motor. It has excellent features for garage door automation.

The motor is fitted on the inside of the drum. As a result, there is no exposure to any potentially dangerous moving parts. Furthermore, the compact design of the motor enables it to be mounted in an extremely narrow space.

Some of this garage door opening system’s mechanical features include:

  • Battery backup.
  • It has special design so that the garage door opener operation is extra quiet.
  • Anti-crushing protection for greater safety. The door will stop and reverse if it detects any obstruction. This prevents serious injury to people or damage to property.
  • Convenient manual override for the garage door motor.

Electronic features of this Centurion Garage Door opener system include:

  • There is a wall-mounted controller with a Courtesy Light. This lights up the entrance whenever the automatic door opener is activated. It remains on for a pre-set period of time afterwards.
  • There is a wireless wall switch which enables you to operate the automatic door opener remotely.
  • Centurion remotes have specialised code-hopping technology. Each time you use the remote it emits a unique, changing control signal. This signal cannot be copied or grabbed. As a result of this it increases safety and security.
  • We can link the Centurion RDO to a keypad so that pedestrians can have easy access.
  • There is an external manual override. This enables you to access your garage if the motor stops working.


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We do garage door automation over the whole of Randburg and Sandton (including Fourways), areas in Midrand such as Kyalami and Waterfall Estate; and parrts of Roodepoort. Have a look at our list of service areas for more information on our garage door automation services.

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