Several different types of garage door brackets hold your garage door as well as some of its components in position. Garage doors can be exceptionally heavy and some of these brackets are under high tension, so if any of them break, it could cause injury to people or damage to property. Because of this, it is important to keep the brackets, the garage door and all of its other parts in good working order.
Garage door bracket
A garage door should open quietly and smoothly without shaking. If the garage door shakes, often it is because a bracket is either loose or has broken. It is important to check for this before any further damage is done. It is not the garage door motor that does the working in the heavy lifting of the door, it is the springs that counterbalance the weight of the door and enable it to open efficiently. The rollers guide the door upwards. Cables assist with lifting and also function to control the speed when the door closes.

Garage Door Brackets

Top Brackets At the top inside corners of most garage doors there are a pair of brackets known as the “top brackets”. These brackets support the component that carries the top rollers.  Over time they can loosen and need to be checked regularly in order to prevent any accidents.
Garage door brackets - Top Brackets
  Bottom Brackets There is another pair of brackets on the bottom of the door. These brackets hold the cables in position and also support the bottom roller. They can also loosen or get damaged over time. If the garage door is left open a great deal of the time, then these brackets could be exposed to the elements and rust. If the door is left open frequently, they may be exposed to the elements and become rusted.
Garage door brackets - bottom brackets
  Low-headroom Brackets There are also brackets that are made specifically for garage doors with low headroom.
Garage door brackets - low-headroom brackets
  Bearing Plates Bearing places can also become worn or loosen over time and need replacing. The center bearing plate is under very high tension. If it cracks it must be repaired by a professional as soon as possible.
garage door centre bearing plate
  When there are a pair a brackets working together, it is always best to replace both of them at the same time when you are having your garage door repaired. A garage door mechanism needs to be balance i.e. the left and right must be functioning optimally. Furthermore, if one bracket has worn, broken or loosened, the other one is probably not going to be far behind. Garage door brackets are not very expensive. It is always best to replace them before the break and somebody or something is damaged.  

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