Need a New Garage Door?

New Double Wooden Door - Slatted Pattern
New Double Steel Door - Block Pattern (White)

Garage Door Installations

New garage door installations can be done on existing or new garages. Sometimes garage door repairs are not worth it in terms of cost-effectiveness and longevity and the best option is installing a new door. We provide a professional service to supply and fit new garage doors. We can also supply and install a garage motor if needs be.
Garage door installations: 40 panel double wooden garage door
Our garage door installations cover: Then this is where you need to be.

Steel garage door installations

Garage door installations: 40 panel double steel garage door - brown
There are various advantages to installing a steel garage door. These include: When considering steel garage doors, these can be either roller doors (a solid sheet of metal that rolls up into a cylinder) or sectional doors (a series of steel panels that move up and along the garage ceiling). The steel sectional garage doors have two designs: block-patterned or slatted:
40 Panel Grey Steel Sectional garage Door

Block-pattern double steel sectional garage door

Garage door installation - slated brown steel garage door

Slatted double steel sectional garage door

Colours that are available include dark brown, white or grey:
Steel sectional door colours

Steel sectional door colours

Steel sectional door colours - block pattern

Sectional steel door colours – block pattern

Steel sectional door colours - slatted pattern

Steel sectional door colours – slatted pattern

Single or Double Garage Roller Door:
Garage door installation - steel roller door

Wooden garage door installations

Wooden garage door
Wooden garage doors are sectional garage doors. There are also tip-up wooden garage doors but these are no longer manufactured. Furthermore, parts for the latter are difficult and expensive to obtain. Wooden garage doors are also available in various designs: panels or slatted. The sizes of the panels or slats can vary as seen in the picture below:
wooden garage door panel patterns
The look of wooden garage doors can also be enhanced by adding studs.
Garage door with studs
Garage door with studs
Garage door with studs
There are numerous types of studs available.
Garage door with studs
The downside of wooden garage doors is that they need a great deal of maintenance (which is an added cost over the years). Over time, the panels can warp, the wood rot and they need regular attention. Wooden garage doors should not be varnished. In fact, a new wooden garage door will lose its guarantee from the manufacturer the moment it is varnished. If your door is already varnished, then, for maintenance purposes, you should varnish it annually. If it is not varnished, it needs to be oiled on a regular basis.

Garage door hardware

Installing a new garage door also means you will get a complete set of new garage door hardware.
Garage door hardware
This includes the necessary parts such as: When measuring for the size of garage door opening, the amount of headroom is vital to determine the type of hardware required as well as whether the door should be standard size or a custom size. The headroom measurement is the taken from the underside of the lintel of the door opening to the lowest overhead restriction that will be in the way of the door as it moves (for example, a beam or the ceiling, light-fitting, pipe etc.) Garage door safety: safety cables When a garage door spring breaks, it can be extremely dangerous and injure people or damage property that is in the way. One way of preventing these accidents is to install safety cables. These prevent a broken spring from swinging around wildly. They are similar to normal garage door cables, but tend to weigh less. These cables are attached to the wall or the track nearby the stationary pulleys. They then lace through the garage door springs and are attached to the same support as the spring.  

What about my current garage door motor?

We will reconnect your garage door motor as part of our installation service. We can also provide you with a new garage door motor should you require.

What happens to my old garage door?

Part of our garage door installation service includes uninstalling your old door (if there was one) and removing it. The door and all of the old garage door hardware cannot be reused and is scrapped.

Why should I let the experts handle my garage door installation?

Garage door installation is a process that is best carried out by the professionals. Reasons for this include:

How do I maintain my new garage door?

Garage doors are a significant investment. A high quality garage door that is well-maintained should last at least 10 years. To keep it in peak operational form, there are a couple of simple measures that you can take: Will you be able to re-install a garage door that I already have? Unfortunately we do not provide this service. The main reason is that we do not know the condition of the door and will not be able to provide our usual guarantee on the work done. Estimate pricing for new doors: Double steel sectional R11,000 Double wooden sectional R13,500.  Single steel sectional R7,750 Single wooden sectional R8,750. All sectional doors installed complete with wooden pine jambs. Free removal of old doors. Or, single steel roller door R5,500.

Our garage door installation services

We can assist you over a large area of Johannesburg with garage door installations.

Look at our service area list for more information on where we can assist with your garage door installations and repairs or give us a call. Watch videos of some of our new door installations.