Sometimes when clients’ call they complain that their garage door motor seems to be struggling. One thing they often ask is: “Is my garage door motor too small for my garage door?”
garage door motor too small
When the motor is battling , we need to look at the garage door itself, specifically, the springs. The actual weight that the motor must lift is not simply that of the door. The weight that the motor needs to lift is determined by the garage door springs; the state of your garage door and other garage door hardware also play a part. Having the correct springs and spring tension will ease the lifting of the door. Having a garage door in good working order puts less strain on the motor.

So, is my garage door motor too small for my garage door?

No. Most garage door motors are more or less the same size in terms of power and ability. So, you don’t get special garage door motors for heavier garage doors. What is important is that the correct springs are installed for your door and that your door gets serviced regularly.¬†This will ensure that the effective door weight is in the right range for the motor to easily lift it. If your garage door opener is struggling to open your door, the effective weight of the door is incorrect. The problem is not that the garage door motor too small. Your springs have a life span and over time they degrade and one needs to adjust them. When they are unable to sufficiently lift the door then you must replace them. If the motor were¬†much bigger and stronger, then be aware that; if the door is very heavy and you do not have the correct the spring tension, the arm that connects the carriage to the door could easily break out of the door. This would damage the top panel for both wood and steel sectional doors and you may end up needing to replace the panel or the door if panels are not available.