Garage Door Repairs Fourways, Sandton – Campbell street

Recently we had a client phone us for garage door repairs Fourways, Sandton – Campbell street. There were some broken garage door hinges.
garage door repairs fourways broken hinge
We found a couple of problems with the door. The client has a custom size door, so it is wider than a normal double door.
  1. A couple of months ago one of his springs broke. And a different company replaced his springs
  2. They replaced only one spring
  3. This company also replaced the broken spring with a spring that is manufactured for caravan-size doors. The client does not have a caravan size door
  4. A couple of hinges where broken
  5. The door is heavy, the motor is taking strain and it does not move properly

Garage Door Repairs Fourways – Solutions

When your garage door spring breaks, you have to replace both springs. If you only replace one spring, you are leaving your door with one old spring that will break soon and that wont have the same lifting power as a new spring. We always weigh and measure the door so that we can fit the correct springs. Springs are made for a particular door height and weight. Such as 70kg or 80kg for a 2.1 meter door etc. If you install the wrong springs, the door will not operate properly. Either, the closed door will be too heavy and therefore pulling down when you are opening it. Or it will be pulling up too much and closing it will be difficult. It is very important to install the correct springs and tension them properly. In this case, the hinges broke because the springs were incorrect and were causing the motor to apply lots of pressure on the door while it was pushing it closed. We replaced the hinges because, if you have broken hinges the panels don’t align properly and will cause more hinges to break. With too much stress on the panels they can also start to break. We do not advise replacing broken panels. You would need to replace the entire door which is an expensive exercise. If the incorrect springs are installed it can also put strain on your garage door motor and it will also break. It is very important to always have a mechanically sound garage door. You need to look after all aspects of your garage door. Including the springs, bearings, hinges, and the garage door motor.