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We are experts in garage door repairs. This includes problems with springs, cables, cable drums, hinges, bearing brackets etc.

We also: repair garage door motors, automate garage doors and install new garage doors.

What are typical problems that you can experience with garage doors?

  • Springs break
  • Cables snap
  • Springs need tensioning
  • Worn pulley wheels
  • Rollers need replacing
  • Brackets bend, break or pull away from the wall
  • The door is out of alignment
  • Garage door goes off-track
  • The door needs a service
  • and a host of other problems that we can fix

Read more about our garage door repair services.

We do repairs on most types of garage doors.

The most common types of garage doors are:

  • Sectional garage doors
  • Roll-up or roller garage doors
  • Wooden
  • Steel / Aluminium
  • Tip-up doors (Note: these are no longer manufactured and it is difficult and expensive to get parts. Therefore we do not do repairs on tip-up doors. The most cost-effective route is to replace rather than repair and install new garage doors. We can, however, automate your tip-up door if required.)
Garage door repairs: Hardware and parts

What parts may we need to replace during a garage door repair?

Read more about these problems and garage door repairs below.

Garage Door Repairs

A garage door can break as a result of years of wear on the door mechanisms or the sudden break of your door or door opener hardware. Whatever the cause, a malfunctioning garage door can seriously affect your schedule and your garage security.

We do most types of garage door repairs. These include: replacing broken springs, rollers, cables, hinges and sensors, spring tensioning etc.

We can also adjust garage door tracks and springs to make sure your door operates smoothly. Alternatively, if garage door repairs are not possible, we can install a new garage door.

Garage Door Repairs: Broken Garage door springs

Garage door spring repair

Did one of your garage door springs break? Do you have very old garage door springs? We always replace both springs so that your door is evenly balanced and can function properly again.

Garage door springs can break for a number of reasons. It could be that the spring was not adjusted or maintained properly, extreme temperature changes or simply wear and tear over time.

When  a garage door spring has broken, the door will not move at all. Also, when the spring actually breaks it makes a very loud noise and could even be dangerous to those nearby when it snaps.

Usually a garage door spring breaks when you have already closed the door, however, sometimes it may snap when the door is up or in motion. Should this occur, the door will come down very quickly.

For safety reasons it is best not to operate the door when it is in this condition. Arrange for your garage door repairs as soon as possible to avoid injuries.

Please note the neither the manufacturer nor us guarantee springs. They can break at any time. In general new springs should last you a while, but none of the suppliers or manufacturers guarantee their springs.

Rusted and broken garage door springs

Garage Door Repairs: Rusted springs and torsion pipe

Do you have old and rusted garage door springs and a dented and rusted torsion pipe? We recommend replacing them because they can very easily break and injure people or damage cars and any other items that may be in the garage.

broken Garage door cable

Garage Door Repairs: Broken garage door cable

A garage door cable can also break. Usually it is only one of the cables that breaks at a time and as the garage door is opening. Cables usually break after years of use and normal wear and tear.

When a garage door cable breaks, both cables will need to be replaced in order to ensure that the tension is balanced and prevent the other cable from also breaking.

When there is a problem on the one side of the garage door mechanics, we usually need to attend to both sides.

This is because the garage door must be properly balanced in order to work most efficiently. Having an unbalanced garage door can cause damage which will need to be repaired down the line.

Therefore, even if just one spring or cable breaks, we need to replace both springs or cables respectively. According to the type of door system, the cables wind around cable drums or pulley wheels.

Garage door repairs: garage door off track

What about garage doors that have gone off-track?

This is often the case where someone has driven into the door, there has been an obstruction during door closing, or the cable has snapped. A garage door that is off-track is not only unsightly, but also unstable and dangerous.

Do not attempt to move the garage door either manually or using the garage door motor as you may get hurt.

To prevent problems with your garage door occurring because of obstructions such as a bicycle, rubbish bin etc. it is advisable to install IR beams to detect if anything is in the way.

Garage door repairs may not be possible, especially when the door has been driven into and is damaged. In such cases we will need to install a new garage door.

Garage door repairs need to be carried out by a professional who will ensure that everything is in proper working order so that your door is operational for as long as possible.

My garage door has one panel that needs replacing

Sometimes, although it might be just one panel of the garage door that is damaged, it is better to replace all of the panels. This is because to replace one panel, is quite expensive and one might as well replace all of them. It is more cost effective and the door will work better and last longer. Also, sometimes it is difficult to get matching panels, so it will look odd with one of the panels different from the other panels. See more about replacing garage door panels.

A garage door that is not working properly will put strain on all other parts of the door and can lead to future problems with some of the other parts. In addition, a garage door that is not working properly will also put strain on the garage door motor which can then also develop problems or need to be replaced.

Therefore, it is important to keep your garage door functioning optimally and well maintained.

You must do garage door repairs as soon as possible. The more a garage door is damaged, the more likely it will be that the only solution is to replace the door and install a new one.

Garage Door Maintenance and Servicing

Maintaining one’s garage door and garage door motor is the best way of getting long life use out of your garage door and motor. This can reduce the need for garage door and motor repairs in the future.

These are some of the typical elements that we check when examining and maintaining a garage door:

  • Inspect door sections, track, hinges, brackets, rollers, cables, springs etc. and weather seal
  • Tighten all screws and bolts
  • Lubricate springs, rollers and hinges
  • Rebalance door, if necessary (adjust spring tension)
  • Adjust garage door opener travel and safety settings, if necessary
  • Lubricate garage door opener sprocket and chain
  • Check down force pressure of garage door opener
  • Align electronic eyes if applicable for garage door opener

Read more about garage door maintenance and how to check if your garage door needs a service.

How much will my garage door repair cost?

Repairs start from as little as R550. A full service including spring tension is also only R550. Replacement of single garage door springs is priced from R1350 with double door springs at R2400. 

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We understand how important it is for you to have your garage door working perfectly.

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Garage door repairs are very important.

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We offer garage door repairs over the whole of Randburg and Sandton (including Fourways), areas in Midrand such as Kyalami and Waterfall Estate; and parts of Roodepoort. Look at our service area list for more information on the areas we cover for garage door repairs or give us a call on 082 367 7818.