Mr Garage also provides solutions for any problems that you may be experiencing with your driveway gates. We can look at gate repairs or automation, including:

  • Wheels
  • Welding
  • Rack
  • Alignment and bending
  • Motor repair and installation
  • Etc.

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Gate wheels often get worn and then require replacement. It is important to install the correct size and type of gate wheel. Any hindrance on the movement of the gate will affect your gate motor and cause damage to it or shorten its life span.

We do small welding repairs for gates when some of the metal needs to be secured. We do not do construction work, so, if there are, for example, problems with the wall supporting the gate, we will not be able to assist. Welding work can also be needed when someone has driven into the gate or criminals have damaged it whilst attempting to break in.

Many times we have to bend gates that have been driven into or even just those that, over time, have become bent. If the bend in the gate is too large or the damage too great, the gate may need to be replaced. One can bend metal only so far and then it will begin to break. Also, gates with diagonal bars cannot be bent back into shape.

When it comes to gate motors, often we need to replace batteries that have run down and no longer function and cannot be recharged. Another common problem is an issue with the PC board – especially after lightening strikes. Mechanically, we may need to replace a worn track, a pinion or maybe even a gearbox.

We install new gate motors for both swing and sliding gates. We prefer the Centurion products as they are good quality and have excellent support. We can also assist with additional gate security measures such as gate motor theft-resistant brackets, anti lift brackets etc. As well as other gate accessories such as IR beams to control the opening and closing of the gate.