The new types of garage door opener that we install come with new code hopping remotes, improved security, the latest dc motor design and features as well as with battery backup and a 1 year guarantee. Most importantly, you will have a motor that will operate during load shedding and power failures.
Replace old garage door opener

The importance of your security and convenience

Security is of the utmost importance these days. No one can afford to have a half-working garage door opener. And, who has the time and patience to stand outside in the rain and bad weather battling with an old, half-working garage door motor?

Time and money spent, a bottomless pit and soon you wish you replaced it in the first place

With each repair of a garage door opener you will be paying for time and materials. If you have two different components break within a short period of time you can very easily have spent more than 60% the cost of a new motor. You also only have a guarantee on the parts replaced and any other part can break at any time. In addition, the guarantee on parts is only 3 months. So, repair is not always the best route.

Old garage door opener with no parts

There are many many old motors that have been discontinued, or have no parts available. There are cases where it may be a small part that can be repaired or replaced, but most often the PC Boards, Drive assembly or carriage is simply no longer available, or the company that created the motor has closed their doors, leaving you with no other option than to install a new motor.

Imported garage door opener with no parts

We often find people with imported motors. The local suppliers do not stock parts for these motors and it is the best strategy to install a new motor from a local manufacturer. We install only locally manufactured motors, where you have great support for many years to come.

But it worked fine for 15 or 20 years

We understand that your old motor gave you great service. But garage door openers do have a lifetime and the technology and functionality is always improving. It is like any mechanical or electrical device. Fridges, TVs, cellphones etc. We encourage you to think about your security and the convenience an automated garage door brings you.

It works most of the time, only sometimes it does not work properly

We believe that high quality and reliability is the best choice for your security and convenience. We all know that that old garage door motor will let you down when you really don’t have the time to battle with it!

Should I keep the old motor,what do we do with old motors

This is entirely up to you. You may have two identical motors and having a spare, old motor where you could use a part can help. From our side, we simply take the motors to the scrap yard to get rid of them. They have no use to us. Read more about whether you need a new garage door opener or about new motor installations