If you have a sectional wooden garage door, perhaps it is only one of the panels (usually the bottom) that seems to be worse for ware. You want to have just that panel replaced. Or, perhaps someone drove into you wooden or steel sectional garage door; and you want to replace a few garage door panels.
Broken Garage Door Panels

It is not always easy to get a matching garage door panels

In many cases it is not clear who made the door or who the supplier was. Then we have to deconstruct the door and physically take the panel to various manufacturers to see if we can get a match.  (The match needs to be not only the look, but also the fit with the specific hardware and working mechanism of your particular garage door).
Most of the time you can’t find matching garage door panels. Even if you do get a match, the colouring is likely to be a problem.

The cost consideration

A new garage door panel will cost a couple of thousand rand. On top of this, there is also the cost of deconstructing the door plus time and travel in trying to find a match and then, finally, reinstalling the door.
One could possibly then have a panel especially made to match; but that is going to cost twice the price of a standard one. Plus there are still the deconstruction, travel, time and reinstallation costs. With all of this, the cost is going to add up to a fair portion of that of an entire new door and hardware.

Guarantees and longevity

So, the panel has been replaced, but the rest of the door is still in its old working condition. Your new panel will be subject to all of the same stresses and strains that your old panel experienced. If the door has been driven into, the hardware will have been under abnormal strain and damaged, even though it may not be apparent. Often there are problems with alignment as well. The new panel is combined with old panels. These old panels have become aged and are not working in the same way as the new panel.
You would have spent a fair amount of money but your garage door is still essentially old. With the hardware having no upgrades. If you then need repairs to anything further on the door or its hardware, you are going to get close to having spent the equivalent of an entire new door.
The guarantee on parts replaced and work done is 3 months. Whereas a new door (together with all of the hardware) has a guarantee of 1 year.
So, in terms of how much the cost of replacing a panel, or panels, is versus that of a completely new door and hardware as well as longevity, the better and most cost-effective solution is to install a new door.
We only provide the best solutions – both in quality and value. As such, we do not recommend replacing panels, but rather installing an entire new door and hardware.